Server Stats
GameServer: Offline
PlayerOnline: 0 / 2000
Cap 100
EXP/SP 20x
PT Exp 25x
Gold/Drop 10x
Alchemy Rate 1x
Max Opt. Level +10
Server Times
Register: Friday 07:00 - 19:00
Fortress war

DonwHang Fortress: Futuristic
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Savor the moments of the old times and praise them in Erius.

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About Erius

Greeting Pilgrims. This is Erius online. Welcome to Erius, Erius has been going under-development for over a year. We have been having sleepless nights in-order to provide the quality you are enjoying now, In which we are satisfied with.

Erius is not just a game. Erius is a hope to revive the old game we have always loved and enjoyed. Erius is not Ours. Erius is yours